How to Study for Exam in Less Time

How to Study for Exam in Less Time

How to Study for Exam in Less Time

The board exam is just around the corner. Too little and too little time to read? Stress and pressure to take a toll? Here are ten exam preparation tips that will be useful for any student in preparing for the exam. Preparing for an exam can be stressful at times when we have a lot to study but are punctual. While some people with a proper study plan study better and faster, many others study less and are more stressed about the result of the exam. Studying for an exam is a piece of cake, even if you have a few days to prepare. It is high time; many people think that studying for an exam involves cramming a few minutes before the exam begins. By increasing the number of days, you study, you reduce the actual study time per session, which is true when you have trouble concentrating while studying for an exam.

Get yourself together

This may sound like a silly advice, but it really is the most important. When you panic, you lose control of your thoughts and actions. Even if you try to study, it is possible that you did not put anything in your head.

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Choose the right place to study

Have you ever tried to study in bed? Sure, your bed may be your favorite place in the world, but when it comes time to review for an exam you want to go somewhere else. Try going to a library or a nearby cafe. Even your kitchen table can prove to be a suitable place to study. The key is in finding a place where you can focus on the task at hand rather than being constantly distracted.

Manage your time

Time management skills can help you control your study workload, achieve more, and reduce stress. Instead of working against you, there are many ways to work with you. Buy an educational diary or study planner. Provides one-glance at a week or a glance at a month, which allows you to provide an overall view of the time available to you. Find the due dates and quiz / exam / exam dates and mark them in your study planner beforehand. This way you will be able to avoid social commitments during the period before the exam. Minimize distractions and keep your priorities straight. Focus on your goal to get the highest score. Schedule social activities around your study schedule and not vice versa! Remember this is not just an academic challenge, this is your job in life right now. Make it a successful and enjoyable year.

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Don’t Multitask While Studying

Scientific research indicates that multitasking does not actually improve performance and may negatively affect test results. The result of multitasking is that it distracts your attention when you should focus all your attention on your study material. Therefore, eliminate distractions to allow you to be fully present and busy during your study session. You can use apps and browser extensions to help limit the time you spend on different websites each day. Turn off your cell phone while studying or to calm down your phone notifications, so that you don’t distract yourself from texting or playing games. Tell people that you are studying, so they will think about your time and place.


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Create a study schedule – and follow it

Splitting the material into a chuck that you can get can be very beneficial. That way, you can keep an eye on what you can accomplish instead of looking at the big picture and getting overwhelmed.

Quiz yourself

If you think about the actual exam questions and prepare, you will probably be more familiar with what you have to study and, in the meantime, familiarize yourself with the type of language that will be in the exam. Draft potential exam questions and quiz yourself so that you can focus on the ones you need to focus on.


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